Early in 2011 I worked with BBDO Proximity Malaysia as caretaker ECD on Maxis, one of the biggest telcom and cable operators in the world. We had an idea based on the premise that ‘With The Right Connections Anything Is Possible’ and proposed a series of projects for Hotlink, their pre-paid service, in which members of the public undertake a personal endeavour in association with Maxis Hotlink, who help make all the right connections in order to make it happen.

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A young woman applies to the Hotlink microsite with her wish to spread a smile across Malaysia. The Idea is to construct a giant dirigible balloon which then tours the country spreading a smile wherever it goes.
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The campaign breaks when people first notice the balloon in the streets.

Interest is generated in the media who cover the story.
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Hotlink reveal the nature of the campaign in the press and with fly on the wall television advertising charting the progress of the project and inviting people to visit the microsite to follow ongoing projects and pitch their ideas.

The Balloon tours the country and progress is charted online.
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A young man wishes to brighten up a dull street along which he travels to work every day.
The idea is to turn the street into an open air art gallery.

The Street is transformed with the help of upcoming artists (and perhaps a famous one or two).

The story breaks in the media.

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Hotlink go on air with fly on the wall TV ads covering the transformation and driving people to visit the microsite.

The exhibition goes on tour of depressed inner-city streets throughout Malaysia.

Finally the artworks are auctioned for charity generating more publicity.

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Endangered species

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